Birodh Days…..

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The band I used to play in was called Birodh. We started our journey in 2001 and called it off in 2006 because 4 of our members had to leave the country for higher studies. We released one of our songs in a mixed album called ‘Live Now’. Our band was not about earning money or getting famous (I didn’t mind getting those because of the band!!)….We did music because we loved performing and we enjoyed every second of it. These are some pictures from different shows during our 6 year journey.


Show at National Museum Auditorium

Show at National Museum Auditorium

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Concert Cribs

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I was talking about the difficulties behind finding good venues when my friend Sabrina posed a question about the pros of local venues, which got me thinking. I did perform in almost all the venues we mentioned (except the Engineering Institute and Sheraton Hotel’s Winter garden). One of the most memorable shows for me would be the open air concert in Old DOHS. This concert is really special for me because it was one of the best concerts I have organized and my band Birodh got its big break through this show. Not too many people are lucky enough to be able to play in Old DOHS ground but I am sure those who have performed there knows how much fun it is to play there.

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Short of Venues ?!

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Amer (organizer one): So where should we organize the concert??

Ravi (organizer two): What about Russian Culture Center (RCC)?

Amer: Nah!…too typical…over a thousand shows have been organized there…

Ravi: mm O!!…Then what about Decagon?

Amer: If you want to organize just another everyday show, then yes…I mean there’s practically a concert there every other day!…And it’s small and gets congested !

Ravi: Then how about Kozmo?…or Nazrul Institute?

Amer: Kozmo is way too small for a proper underground show…and Nazrul Institute has the same problem as RCC.

Ravi: Hmmm…..So Dhanmondi is out of options!…what about Gulshan?…ll Community Club (ACC), Spectra Convention Center or DBC??…

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Tribute Show

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I usually don’t go to concerts anymore and even if I go to one, I find a lot of bad things about the concert and complain about it. I also compare the concerts with the old ones and point out how good they used to be. On 18th August I went to this ‘tribute concert’ in Sheraton organized by Asiatic and sponsored by BATB. I didn’t really want to go there, but since all my friends where going, I tagged along. It was a tribute show for U2, Guns N Roses and BonJovi. I went there around 5 30 (the show was suppose to start at 6) and as I entered the venue (Winter garden) I was absolutely shocked and speechless!! I have never seen such a nice and well decorated venue in Bangladesh. I was completely blown away by the setup!!(Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share).

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Quality vs Quantity

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Over the past decade, the underground music scene of Bangladesh has experienced rapid growth. Even in 2001/2002 there were only a handful of bands and a record deal was very hard to get. The competition was fierce, and only the ablest bands survived, while many of the old bands called it off, being unable to support their music.

Today, we are experiencing a rapid growth in the scene. There are more bands, greater availability of equipment, and more people willing to invest in young talent. Musicians are getting more opportunities to express their music and the whole scene is more recognized. Unfortunately the quality of music has deteriorated. Since anyone who can afford an instrument can form a band, regardless of actual talent,  there is less pressure to perform well, and the quality of the music suffers.

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