Tribute Show

I usually don’t go to concerts anymore and even if I go to one, I find a lot of bad things about the concert and complain about it. I also compare the concerts with the old ones and point out how good they used to be. On 18th August I went to this ‘tribute concert’ in Sheraton organized by Asiatic and sponsored by BATB. I didn’t really want to go there, but since all my friends where going, I tagged along. It was a tribute show for U2, Guns N Roses and BonJovi. I went there around 5 30 (the show was suppose to start at 6) and as I entered the venue (Winter garden) I was absolutely shocked and speechless!! I have never seen such a nice and well decorated venue in Bangladesh. I was completely blown away by the setup!!(Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to share).

The stage was huge with two big screens on the side, black background with small lights on it. The whole venue was surrounded with neon lighting and LCD screens. There were three huge guitars hanging from the ceiling and the sitting arrangement was in the middle with bar like tables and high chairs!

Nemesis was up first and their tribute was to U2. As usual they were great and stole the show immediately. They covered   one, with or without you, Sunday bloody Sunday, where the streets have no name, discotheque, hold me thrill me kiss me kill me, desire and stuck in a moment. Every song was covered perfectly and I enjoyed every single second of it.

Then came on Radio Active and they gave tribute to Guns N Roses. Their performance was great too, and they had high energy level on the stage. They covered Welcome to the jungle, Patience, November rain, Don’t cry, Sweet Child O Mine and few other famous GNR songs. Their covers where great too as they jumped around the stage and kept the audience on their tows!

The last band was Black, who gave tribute to Bonjovi. They started the show with ‘You gave love a bad name’. Unfortunately I had to leave early so I missed their performance but I heard that their covers where great too.

After watching this concert, I didn’t have a single complain about it and I was convinced that this was one of the best show I have ever been to. This was a proper concert, it had a proper setup and this show had the perfect ambience for great music.


3 Responses to “Tribute Show”

  1. The idea of a tribute show, although not remotely original, was indeed a change to our local music scene. We (Nemesis) started of as a cover band but then came out our album. We done covers since, but very skimpily. We wanted to just do as set of only cover songs for a long time but owing to public demand, we had to perform our own tracks 😦 The tribute show was a refreshing change for all of us and we enjoyed every minute of our hour-long set. I really wished U2 could have been there 🙂

    Peace to all…

  2. Wish i had been to this one…hardly attend concerts myself…but this sounds like something i really missed out on

  3. i think these tribute shows are fantastic…nowadays with the increase of pop and rap music, teenagers as well as others seem to forget the classic music composed by great artists and great bands, such as Guns n Roses, U2, and of course, Pink Floyd…This is a great way to remind listeners and music fans abut the existance of such classic music

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