Birodh Days…..

The band I used to play in was called Birodh. We started our journey in 2001 and called it off in 2006 because 4 of our members had to leave the country for higher studies. We released one of our songs in a mixed album called ‘Live Now’. Our band was not about earning money or getting famous (I didn’t mind getting those because of the band!!)….We did music because we loved performing and we enjoyed every second of it. These are some pictures from different shows during our 6 year journey.


Show at National Museum Auditorium

Show at National Museum Auditorium

This was at National Museum Auditorium. We had a great response from the crowd. This picture was taken when we were covering Fear of The Dark by Iron Maiden. I clearly remember the crowd going crazy when we started the song. They sang along with us throughout the song.


Lead guitarist Adnan

Lead guitarist Adnan

This is one of my favorite pictures. A friend called Tausif took this. This was in Russian Cultural Center.

Show at STM HALL

Show at STM HALL

A friend of mine called Tanveer took this picture. This was one of my favorite shows. The atmosphere, crowd, stage setup and the sound everything about the show was perfect. We had a great response from the crowd. 

Crowed surfing during a show

Crowd surfing during a show

So this is when I lost my shoes. This was in Shilpokola Academy. I jumped on the crowd during the show and by the time I got back on the stage I didn’t have my shoes ! It was a lot of fun though….


4 Responses to “Birodh Days…..”

  1. It would be cool if you would upload a few songs from your band. Then we’d get an idea of the kind of music you played

  2. How about telling us the story of how you guys formed the band? And a little bit about the members?

  3. nice pictures…upload some of your band songs or lyrics then we ppl have an idea about your band!!! seems you ppl had a lots of fun in this concert of Birodh @ STM hall…keep it up Dhurbo! 🙂

  4. SRREEETTEEERRR ARRRAALLLEEE!!! dude..i dont care who sez what abt the song….i luvd every second of it! wish u guys were still rocking alongside us. 🙂

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